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Visit Angkor Wat Panha Eco Tours Travel Siem Reap Bus Car Mini-Van Tuktuk Boat

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Visit Angkor Wat
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  • How Can I Visit Angkor Wat?
    It's easy. After you contact us to book a tour to visit Angkor Wat, you can either buy online via Angkor Enterprise website or go directly at Angkor Park Pass Ticket Counters on Apsara Road.
  • Is It Cheap To Visit Angkor Wat?
    It depends if you ask for a bus car mini-van tuktuk, VIP tour or Angkor Sunrise and Sunset. Contact us to get the best prices. We will pick you up and drop you off at your hostels. Prepare yourself to have inestimable memories without breaking your budget. The Angkor Pass ticket varies according the duration (see the link).
  • When Is It The Best Season To Visit Angkor Wat?
    It's always the best season to visit Angkor Wat. However, the best time to visit Kompong Phluk, the floatting village, is between November and May when the country experiences low rainfall and still enjoys warm temperatures. The Tonle Sap is filling up during the rainy season also called the monsoon during which the floatting village takes its meaning.
  • Anything Else To Do In Siem Reap Other Than Visit Angkor Wat?
    Yes, there are plenty to do in Siem Reap other than visit Angkor Wat. Contact us to book a tour with your family to Kulen Mountain to admire the Kulen Waterfall and the river of thousand lingas known as Kbal Spean. There are also many museums we can bring you to, artisans workshops, circus shows, fighting events (Kun Khmer) and also the exceptional khmer night life with its karaoke and beer gardens. We can take you where few tourists dare to adventure. Be sure to be properly prepare. You can visit to know if their is an event in Siem Reap.
  • Can I Book Now With You To Go Visit Angkor Wat?
    Of course, you can book with us now to go visit Angkor Wat. Do not forget to buy your Angkor Pass here and read the Angkor Code Of Conducts before leaving with the bus car mini-van tuktuk in the morning. Always wear proper clothes, good walking shoes and mosquito repellent with you. Leave our team to lead you to the wonder of Angkor Wat.
Visit Angkor Wat Panha Eco Tours Travel Satisfied Guest

Panha Eco Tours Travel

“ We arrived in Siem Reap after Thailand and I can assure you that Bong Sokphen and his team can take care of you and that you will go back home safely with amazing memories and photos.”


Visit Angkor Wat Panha Eco Tours Travel Siem Reap Bus Car Mini-Van Tuktuk Boat
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